About LAC

Leonie Agri Corp. or LAC, is an agriceutical company based in the Philippines, engaged in the production and processing of wholly organic agricultural products for medicinal, health and nutritional use. LAC’s agriceutical concept finds its roots in the pharmaceutical heritage of its parent company, Pascual Laboratories Inc. (PascualLab), which inspired the idea of integrating organic agricultural methods with the pharmaceutical industry standards.

Located in the province of Nueva Ecija, this farm and organic manufacturing facility has grown to be the largest organic-certified farm and manufacturer of natural, organic raw materials in the country.

LAC has a rich history which speaks of hope. Before its rehabilitation, the area on which LAC’s farmlands stood was once regarded as a “cursed land”. Most of it was arid and deemed unproductive and deteriorating. Today, it is a fruitful and thriving countryside, thanks to a combination of innovative farming technologies, the application of sound ecological management, a community development thrust, and strong ethical values.

While LAC was established mainly to supply materials to PascualLab which pioneered herbal products such as ASCOF Lagundi and RE-LEAF Sambong, in the past 15 years it has proven to be a great resource for organic raw materials, enabling it to open its doors to both local and international clientele, a wider portfolio of products and services.